Welcome to the homepage of the Raptor Inventory Nest Survey

The Organization

RINS offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to become involved as “citizen scientists“ in a long-term nest monitoring project. The RINS organization collects and manages data regarding the nesting ecology of eagles, falcons, hawks, osprey and owls.

Our Mission

“RINS is an all-volunteer organization concerned with birds of prey that nest throughout Utah. Our organization focuses on ensuring the success of nesting raptors and habitat protection through standardized, long-term monitoring efforts.”

Learn More

To find out more about volunteering for RINS, contact us using this link: Volunteer Opportunities.

To learn more about the RINS organization, it’s history, awards received, and other information, visit the About section.

To learn more about the numbers from the areas monitored by RINS, projects the organization is involved with, and other facts, visit The Project section.